Psych-ed & ADHD Assessments

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

Our Vision

A Psychoeducational Assessment can be vital to a student's journey to success; however, many students who need this assessment are faced with long waitlists. Given how important these assessments can be to student success, they should be more widely available and accessible to all individuals who would benefit from them.

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals, including psychologists, physicians, and child psychiatrists, who provide quality psychoeducational assessments. We also develop innovative technology to make assessments more readily accessible to institutions, families, and individuals.

An assessment can change the trajectory of a student's path by providing recommendations for accommodations to assist the student at their school, college or university, as well as, suggestions for educational programming, identification, and placement.

Waitlists for Psychoeducational Assessments in Ontario

According to People for Education’s 2017 Annual Report on Ontario’s Publicly Funded Schools, there are at least 35,000 students waiting for special education assessments in Ontario. While most of these students are receiving some form of support, without an assessment, it is difficult to ensure that the support is targeted and appropriate. Even though schools have their own psychologists, the waitlist can be two to three years long.