Psych-ed Assessment for University and College

Post-Secondary Psychoeducational Assessment (University & College students)

Often students seek a psychoeducational assessment because they are struggling in college or university with problems that have either never been assessed or were assessed a long time ago. In order to receive academic accommodations in University or College, an updated psychoeducational assessment is usually required.

Psychoeducational Assessment is an evaluation of an individual's intellectual and academic skills and processes related to learning (memory, processing speed, fine-motor control) using a standard battery of tests. As part of our comprehensive psychoeducational assessment, ADHD will be assessed at no extra cost if attention problems are present.

What is the process of a Psychoeducational Assessment?

Before the first session, we will send you a background questionnaire to complete prior to your assessment. Other elements of the assessment include:

  • Six to ten hours of in-person testing. Cognitive and behavioural testing will examine how you reason and solve problems and test their memory, information processing, attention, and organizational skills.

  • Academic testing designed to discover academic abilities such as reading, writing and math compared to other students of the your age.

What is the outcome of a Psychoeducational Assessment?

  • A clear understanding of your academic strengths and challenges relating to learning aptitudes, information processing, and academic skills.

  • The diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or developmental disability if present.

  • Recommendations for tools and strategies to help improve academic performance.

  • A list of recommended accommodations based on your diagnosis to seek from your university or college. Some example accommodations include:

      1. More time to complete tests and exams.

      2. Access to a note-taker or lecture notes before the lecture.

      3. Access to a laptop and specialized software, e.g. Word to Text.

      4. Access to audiobooks for course texts or material.

      5. Taking tests or exams in a quiet, supervised environment.

Following the assessment, the psychologist meets with you to verbally review the results, recommendations, and next steps. This meeting typically lasts under an hour. You are also provided with a detailed, comprehensive report outlining all the results and recommendations.

Our fee for a psychoeducational assessment is $3800 (ranging to $4200 depending on complexity).